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 Snippets Text Database Single User $AUD 58.30

FREE Trial Version

Snippets, the "Text Database"

"Products like this shine after you have stored a few months' bits and pieces in them. When no-one in the office can recall some detail from a couple of years ago, instant access to all those scraps can save the day" Peter Moon, Australian Financial Review

Ever wanted to be able to keep track of the myriad tid bits of information we have to cope with day-to-day? Would you like to be able to easily recall them no matter how you "filed" them? Snippets allows you to store textual information in a neat and compact system. You just type the information how you'd like to see it, give it a title and Voila! You can search on *any* word in that text at a later date, or use the titles to organise your text into a meaningful hierarchy. Great for doing research, contact lists, storing source code snippets, FAQ's, To-do lists etc.

Snippets screen shot

Here are just some of the other uses some of our customers are putting Snippets too:

  • To Do list
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Online Procedures Manuals
  • Personal Organiser (names, address, phone numbers, birthdays etc)
  • Inventory Manager
  • Let your imagination be the limit for this handy tool…


  • Easily store and organize any type of text information
  • Disk-based design allows for efficient handling of large files (all items are stored in a single file)
  • All file-access routines were written from scratch. No bulky database libraries to waste disk space.
  • Treeview window allows easy organization of topics into categories and subcategories, and supports drag & drop and clipboard commands to easily share topics between data files.
  • Flexible searching. Topic-based search and replace.
  • Bookmarks allow fast jumping between selected topics
  • Flexible printing options
  • Edit window allows you to set tab size, font and word-wrapping. Extensive on-line help and more...

 Snippets Text Database Single User $AUD 58.30

FREE Trial Version

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