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Do you have a lot of image and picture files on your computer? Would you like to run slide shows now and again made up of your family snap-shots, or product catalog shots?

"I tried all the graphics viewers available before choosing Multimedia Xplorer. I still think it is the best one out there."

Well, Multimedia Xplorer solves those problems and more. Browsing & managing your image and multimedia collections becomes as simple as using Windows Explorer. And all this is packed with ergonomic features that help you to get your work done quickly and easily. No matter whether you are a  beginner or professional, Multimedia Xplorer helps everyone.

"Probably THE easiest graphics browser I have EVER used and I have used plenty. I have only used this app for 3 days and already I know that it's worth more than you ask!"

Multimedia Xplorer is the best application for handling most types of multimedia files including images, videos and icons. The guiding principle behind Multimedia Xplorer is to provide a single application that handles all these different media types easily. Removing the need to have and learn different programs. Multimedia Xplorer looks somewhat like the Windows Explorer, but it uses several advanced features to improve your file management and browsing much more fun.

If you know how to work with the Windows Explorer, then you already know how to use basic functionality of Multimedia Xplorer. And, you can of course use most of your shell context-menu extensions like WinZip, U-Lead SmartSavers, PowerToys, FileTargets etc. on files you browse directly from within Multimedia Xplorer!

"Multimedia Explorer is BY FAR the best shareware I have ever seen! As a graphics intensive user I use it almost daily. I use it in place of my CorelDraw multimedia viewer because Multimedia Explorer is far more convenient!"

Features include:

  • Super fast image display, several zoom modes
  • Windows Explorer-like interface with full drag and drop support (from/to other programs)
  • Access shell context menus of file and folder objects (for example you can use WinZip directly from Multimedia Xplorer)
  • Display images in the following formats: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, WMF, EMF, TGA, PCX, DCX, RLE, DIB, ICO (including multi-image icons), CUR (including multi-image cursors)
  • Convert images to JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PCX or to 320x400 256-color Windows start up & shutdown logo
  • Play the following video formats in image display area (does not open any secondary windows for video output): AVI, MPEG, MOV, RM
  • Show animated cursors (ANI) by changing your mouse cursor into one of interest, so you can easily browse your collections
  • See image during decoding and cancel loading
  • Uses amazing image dithering technology - true color images have a true look even in 256-color mode
  • Enhanced slide show (random mode, tagging, zooming, QuickShow with sub-folders etc)
  • Printing with print preview
  • Integrated Media Player that pops up only if sound or video file is open and offers video speed adjustment & repeat mode
  • Allows tagging files, so you can later take action on all tagged files at once
  • Create thumbnails with Batch Conversion
  • Shows and allows the extraction of icons from ICO, ICL, DLL, EXE to any supported conversion format
  • Favorites for saving your most used folders for quick access
  • Destinations stores the folders you copy/move files into most often
  • Multimedia Detective searches through the drives/folders you select for multimedia and image files and then displays results so you are one click away from accessing these files
  • One-Click Destinations, floating toolbar that allows one-click access to your Destination folders, making sorting of large file collection a snap
  • Batch Conversion allows you to convert hundreds of images to other format all at once
  • Batch Rename allows to rename many files at once, as series
  • Logo Changer allows you to put any supported image as your Windows start-up or shutdown screen
  • File Filter lets you display only files of certain types
  • Set any bitmap image as tiled, centered, stretched or positioned desktop wallpaper (Unique: drag image into the right position and press OK)
  • ActiveMovie Repair Wizard automatically solves problems with MCI drivers
  • User interface is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian and Portuguese languages
  • Full on-line help (available in English only)
  • Compact and fast -- all this functionality takes only around 2 megabytes on your disk
  • Much more for you to discover...

"I just registered your program Multimedia Xplorer, and wanted to tell you how great it is!! The time savings paid for the program the first week. I saw it on a best of web at Windows.com and gave it a try. I registered it on the 3rd day I was so impressed. It is feature packed, has a small footprint, runs more formats than I knew of, in short a great program. I rarely write letters praising products, but this one is so easy and FUN to use! Thanks much!"

So, this is your chance to see it all for yourself. Download a full FREE version and enjoy the Multimedia Xplorer experience!

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