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Macro Scheduler V9 Change History

Below is a list of everything added to Macro Scheduler in the latest release!
Download the most up to date version from here!

Version 9.2 11/10/2007

Mod: FindImagePos: Can now use SCREEN in haystack parm to have it scan the screen directly (no need to capture the screen to a file first)
Added IGNOREERRORS option to prevent script error popups
Added ability to change log file viewer in registry (from default notepad)
Added DLL import system to define native looking functions rather than have to use LibFunc
Fixed: Rounding error in CompareBitmaps could yield incorrect result if images more than 99% similar
Fixed: Errors downloading from some FTP server types with FTPGetFile
Improved: View System Windows follows correct tree hierarchy
Added: View System Windows "Identify" option - highlights object

Version 9.1.05 18/09/2007

Fixed: delay on some systems when saving scripts
Fixed: Rare issue starting trial on Win2003 Svr RC2
Fixed: SCRIPT_FILE variable showing garbage in compiled script
Fixed: Possible "Invalid Pointer Operation" error on windows shutdown

Version 9.1.04 29/08/2007

Fixed: Image not showing picture when adding jpg to image on dialog
Fixed: Button handle variables numbered differently to button name variables
Fixed: Some text strings were missing from language translation file
Added: Timeout for WaitScreenImage - set timeout in WSI_TIMEOUT, get result with WSI_TIMEDOUT
Added: Error message when import fails to copy script to group folder to help track down cause
Added: Record dialog now remembers Minimize All option
Added: Base64 function
Mod: Very small change to script save code to force all events to complete before closing form to see if this fixes some reports of scripts lost on save

Version 9.1.03 25/07/2007

Fixed: Windows shutdown could be inhibited by Macro Scheduler in some situations

Version 9.1.02 04/05/2007

Fixed: Edit script/macro properties buttons/menus not disabled if a group selected containing no macros
Fixed: Deleting a macro could sometimes cause an access violation (introduced in 9.1)
Fixed: A block comment on line immediately after Repeat statement caused Repeat/Until to fail
Fixed: After image capture main form was restored on top of all other windows obscuring editor/builder

Version 9.1 30/04/2007

Script now creates object handle variables: DialogName.Handle, DialogName.ObjectName.Handle after Dialog block is executed
Possibly fixed random "Cannot open Clipboard" errors
Fixed an issue with dialog designer toolbar button in editor sometimes getting invalid content
Dialog Designer toolbar button in editor will now edit dialog if cursor on first line of a dialog block
Select All (CTRL+A) now works in dialog memo fields
Ability to include bitmap data for dialog images and buttons in scripts
Added DIALOG_CHANGE OnEvent handler:
Improved RetrievePOP3 to decode attachments and output body text parts.
Fixed CTRL-A (Select All) in Code Snippets editor
Fixed WaitWindowOpen/Closed to work with handles as per docs (WIN_USEHANDLE)
Deleting macros will now delete to recycle bin

Version 9.0.054 02/04/2007

Fixed an issue with FTPGetFile failing to download files affected by some IIS servers

Version 9.0.053 06/03/2007

Fixed issue with macro recorder recording mouse moves wrongly on a left hand secondary monitor
Fixed bug preventing schedule from showing on main window for encrypted macros

Version 9.0.052 22/02/2007

Addressed obscure occasional vbscript initialization error
Fixed some typos in comdef.ini (code builder definitions)

Version 9.0.051 19/02/2007

Ensure window functions ignore ThumbnailClass preview windows in Vista
Fixed Image Capture Tool Screen Selection to cope if cursor dragged from bottom right to top left

Version 9.0.050 01/02/2007

Fixed issue with Allow Scheduler Service advanced schedule option sticking.
Fixed issue with Only When Visible advanced schedule option sticking.
Fixed automatic scroll bars missing from custom dialogs since v9.
Prevented clipboard being emptied when going into Dialog Designer if no text highlighted.
Added popup menu to watch list to allow copy item values to clipboard.
Minor localization fixes.

Version 9.0.049 18/01/2007

Addressed "." issue with complex expressions

Version 9.0.048 15/01/2007

Fixed an issue with Find/Replace dialogs under Vista

Version 9.0.047 09/01/2007

Modified IfFileExists (and FILE_EXISTS and FILE_NOTEXISTS OnEvent triggers) to support wildcards for backwards compatibility
Fixed minor issues with main form placement on startup under certain conditions

Version 9.0 31/12/2006

New Command Locator and Code Builder
Updated Macro Properties Window
New Code Snippets System
Added Syntax QuickHelp to Editors
Added Inline Function Selector (Autocomplete) to Editors
Added option to always run from top in editor
Added Log File column to macro list
Added TabBook object to custom dialogs (Tab Control)
FTPPutFile now handles multiple files (requires testing against windows ftp servers)
FTPGetFile now handles multiple files (ditto)
Added FindImagePos function
Added GetScreenRes function
Added CompareBitmaps function
Added WaitScreenImage function
Added Telnet functions:
  - TelnetConnect
  - TelnetClose
  - TelnetSend
  - TelnetWaitFor
Added FileTime command
Added GFL_TYPE option to GetFileList to enable return list of directories
Added additional OnEvent KEY_DOWN modifiers
Added /NOSTOPKEY option to compiler (to disable SHIFT+ESC stopping EXEs)
Added Include function
Added IGNORESPACES option to tell interpreter to ignore whitespace within code
Added new INPUT_BROWSE option (2) for folder browse dialog
Added DIR type to FileBrowse object on dialogs for folder browse dialog
Added FONT property to Custom Dialogs to set font face and size
Added SK_IGNORECAPS option for Send command
Added Lock Watch List option to editor
Code enhancements, optimisations and fixes

Previous Update History here


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