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Macro Scheduler History Change Log

Version 8.1 28/09/2006

Vista Compatibility
Fixed macro recorder not recording backspace key correctly
Fixed issue with Repeat/Until containing block comments
Fixed issue not ignoring indented block comments
Improved macro recorder output of wait times for very fast macros
Minor code improvements

Version 8.0.4 01/09/2006

Fixed occasional integer error in GetActiveWindow with GAW_TYPE=1
Ability to change custom dialog image objects at runtime
Fixed dialog listbox not accepting variables for dimension values
Fixed LibFunc resolving return variable when function has no parameters
Fixed macro list reversing sort after editing macro properties
Fixed issue preventing windows shutdown when editor not initialised

Version 8.0.3 11/05/2006

Corrects a compile error with the previous 8.0.2 build. Our apologies!

Version 8.0.2 09/05/2006

Improved CPU utilisation during script runs
Marked as uiAccess app for Vista support
Fixed Run As User checkbox under AutoLogon settings not staying unchecked
GetDialogAction now ignores combo boxes that are dropped down
Fixed IfWindowOpen to work with window handles (WIN_USEHANDLE=1)
Some fixes for translated text
Fixed AutoLogon to work with optional LegalNotice window (In SecPol: Interactive Logon: Message text for users attempting to log on)
Fixed Repeat/Until to work with strings as well as numerics
Repeat/Until no longer requires unique loop counter
Fixed SelectedItem field of RadioGroup object not being preset
Fixed LibFunc so that it now handles DLL functions with no parameters
Fixed AV when closing editor during debug if editor opened from macro properties
Improved script file encryption and password protection

Version 8.0.1 29/01/2006

Fixed occasional issue with trace
Fixed multiple filebrowse issue
Prevented overwriting macro when a different file is opened with File/Open in editor
Tray icon correctly reset if recording abended
Fixed issue failing to find ENDDIALOG with leading space
Fixed issue with hidden columns causing next columns to default to set width
Fixed issue with VBScript runtimes not installed correctly in Win95/98/Me
SCRIPT_DIR now shows correct value during debug (same as it would when run regularly)
Fixed Editor Save As dialog to prompt on overwrite
Fixed problem starting under Win95

Version 8.0 01/01/2006

Added Scheduler Service to schedule when msched not running and logged off (not Win9x)
Added AutoLogon technology to automatically log in to or unlock Windows (not Win9x)
Added Multi-language support
Added unicode support to Script Editor
Improved Macro Recorder window sensing technology
Added Unicode support to Send/Character Text command.
Script Events via OnEvent function
Added GetListItem command. Returns index of given text in specified listbox
Added GetTreeNode command. Returns index of given text in specified treeview
Added STEP_DELAY variable
Added CRYPT_LEVEL for three crypt strengths
Added CC and BCC lists to SMTPSendMail
Added Run Program option to make it wait for application to be ready for input
Added SPACE variable for space character
Editor now highlights trailing blanks
F8 in Editor (Step Debug) now works despite any modifier keys being set by script
Added Step Over Debug option (Shift-F8) to step over subroutines
Added _DUMP_VARS variable to allow dumping all variables to log file
Added Block Un-Indent option in Editor
Added Block Comment option in Editor
Prevented snarl ups with Debug/Trace and modal forms
Other internal improvements and optimisations

Version 7.4.009 18/11/2005

Fixed issue with random clipboard errors in Script Editor

Version 7.4.008 20/10/2005

Addressed issue with presetting checkboxes on custom dialogs
Prevented branching to labels/subroutines within /* .. */ comment blocks
Added INPUT_BROWSE variable to allow remove browse button from Input dialog
Dialog Designer no longer loses CENTER setting of top/left
Fixed Dialog Designer erroneously carrying over certain properties from previously designed dialog

Version 7.4.007 06/10/2005

Fixed problem with LibLoad on Windows 98

Version 7.4.006 26/09/2005

Fixed problem running scripts via msNet introduced in 7.4 (affects msNet use only)

Version 7.4.005 22/09/2005

Fixed issue with old format IF statement inside ELSE condition
Added option to change Pause key sequence
Fixed last modified date sometimes changing when no changes made
Fixed message box losing OK button when resizing very small
Added option to compiler to disallow logging
Fixed missing Start and End lines in log files (since 7.4)
Rename will now allow changing case of macro name

Version 7.4.004 07/09/2005

Minor change to fix error running under Win64 introduced in 7.4
Improved icon compiler to handle order of icons in .ico file
Fixed weird issue with hotkey settings introduced in 7.4 beta
Menubars reflect system setting for hide accellerator keys
Put back Message not forcing to front first time
Fixed some multi-monitor issues
Fixed issue with Ask timing out early

Version 7.4 03/09/2005

Some user interface updates/theme awareness.
Now loads entire script file into memory.
Compiler no longer leaves decrypted temporary file while running.
Compile option in main form prompts for location.
Ability to add a custom icon to compiled executables.
Ability to compile a command line into a compiled script.
Added Abort button to script error messages to abort script.
Fixed Input returning value if closed from close box.
Fixed GetDate shortdate format hiccup.
Fixed AV closing editor when dialog designer open with edited dialog.
Added F11 & RightClick for properties of designed form (as well as dbl click).
Added C style block comments /* .... */
Prevented dialog with same name as existing object causing subsequent problems editing script.
Added Default property to dialogs to set default button.
Added ability to set Top and Left of dialog to CENTER.
Added Min,Max,Close,Resize properties to dialogs to allow enable/disable border buttons and resize.
Added check and warning if Show> tries to show non-existant dialog.
Added link to Support Forums in Editor Help menu.
Macro properties hotkey lists no longer contain already assigned hotkeys.
Prevented Shift-Esc icon in Alt-Tab list staying present after script run.
Fixed GetCheckBox return variable resolving incorrectly.
Added command abbreviations to context sensitive script help recogniser.
Added parameters to GoSub.
Added ability to Pause/Resume all running scripts (not compiled macros) using Pause key.
Undocumented - Include> function to include code from other file. Works but confuses debugger.
Fixed logfile of compiled macros showing temp file rather than exe file name.
Fixed complex expressions seeing values starting with 'E' as numerics.
Enabled ability to run URL scripts in all versions.
Improved multiple monitor support.
Fixed HTTPRequest basic authentication.
Added Crypt function to encrypt/decrypt strings.
Press Print Screen command was missing from help.
Added TAB variable for Tab Character.
Added Backup On Save option to Editor. If selected keeps last three backups when saving.
Fixed issue with If block parser and complex expr with not yet assigned var.
Fixed an issue with CloseWindow not always working.
Fixed issue with MSG_STAYONTOP.
Prevented error when sorting by modified date and a macro has empty modified date.
Other Internal improvements and minor fixes.

Version 25/05/2005

Fixed RetrievePop3 not terminating when macro quit while retrieving messages
Fixed AV when closing compiled exe by right clicking taskbar icon
Fixed AV in Win95/98 with listbox on custom dialog

Version 14/04/2005

Fixed startup error that could be caused by zero sized macro list column

Version 04/04/2005

- Added LibLoad and LibFree functions so that LibFunc doesn't need to always load and free the library. LibFunc can work as before with a DLL name or can be passed a handle obtained with LibLoad.
- Added vertical scrollbar & wordwrap to Memo objects

Version 7.3.11 24/03/2005

Enhanced FileBrowse object to enable setting of file mask, type of dialog (open/save), initial directory and filename.
Added optional transparent property to labels
Buttons can have hints
Added horizontal scrollbars to listboxes
Added Dialog.Listbox|ComboBox.items.text property to retrieve/set entire list
Added option to make listboxes multiselect and if more than one item in list selected results separated by CRLF.
Added option to force string types in LibFunc by prefixing variable with str:
Fixed initial setting of message box height and width
Position command now sets result to 0 for empty string or startpos > string length
Fixed problem with Ask, Dialog, MessageModal appearing on 2nd monitor if using dual monitor setup.
Extended SK_LEGACY switch to rest of Press commands for Citrix support (works as pre version 6.1).
Fixed issue with debug temp file locking up on terminating debug
Fixed issue with RP_WAIT=1 causing scheduler to be interrupted while waiting for process

Version 04/03/2005

Added StringReplace function
Modified VBRun to handle variables better
Added SK_LEGACY to use old SHIFT,CTRL,ALT press methods (for citrix)
Added ability to define string buffer lengths for LibFunc
Improved WaitKeyDown processor utilisation
Added HTTP_TIMEOUT variable
HTTPRequest now handles redirects
Repeat Until now supports =, >, <, <> checks

Version 22/02/2005

Fixed View System Windows sometimes omitting last char
Fixed radiogroups not resetting properly on subsequent shows
When debugging SetFocus no longer finds the editor window

Version 17/02/2005

Fixed issue with sequential non-modal dialogs where subsequent dialog was shown modally
Fixed issue with IfFileExists embedded inside If block
Prevented Windows 95 start up error caused by new toolbar command
Added option to windows event scheduling for visible windows only

Version 7.3.10 12/02/2005

Added FileBrowse attribute to Dialogs
Added MainMenu object to Dialogs to create menus
Added Image control to Dialogs
Added ability to add images to buttons on Dialogs
Added RadioGroup object to Dialogs
Added ProgressBar object to Dialogs
Added BlockInput command to block user input
Added ReadFile command to read entire file to a variable
Added Toolbar command - puts mouse over a toolbar button
Added LibFunc command to run DLL functions
Added GetCaretPos command to return position of text cursor
Added GetWindowProcess command to return process id and name of window
Fixed issue with real number variables in arithmetic complex expressions
Fixed an issue with nested if/else/endifs
Fixed debugger speed issue that existed on some systems
Improved file saving when editor and macro properties both open

Version 7.3.08 03/02/2005

Fixed bug in dialog Show command when dialogs are nested
Fixed bug with dialog captions when dialogs nested
Fixed bug caused in some circumstances by mix of old and new If syntax

Version 7.3.07 31/01/2005

Removed erroneous debug diagnostic from SetEnvVar command
Improved mousewheel scrolling in editor

Version 7.3.06 20/01/2005

Fixed RegistryReadKey not reading entries of type REG_EXPAND_SZ
Fixed ScreenCapture top, left placement issue
Fixed GetControlText missing last text character in some circumstances
Fixed GetDialogAction and ResetDialogAction to work correctly with VAREXPLICIT=1
Added mouse wheel support to script editor
Fixed issue where groups list can not be unhidden after a restart if previously hidden

Version 7.3.05 06/12/2004

Fixed problem with embedded variables in macro command parameters
Added option to installer to allow alternative user macro/settings directory
Compiled exes now created in source script's folder when compiling from main screen
Improved "Send Email Example" sample script

Version 7.3.04 03/12/2004

Fixed problem with passing multiple vars in macro command introduced in 7.3
Fixed crash caused when system time format has time separator other than colon (:)

Version 7.3.03 27/11/2004

Fixed backwards compatibility issue with IfFileChanged caused in 7.3
Prevented error dialog if running a non-existent script remotely

Version 7.3.02 24/11/2004

Improved simultaneous starting of macros scheduled for same start time
Fixed problems which could occur with schedules of repeating macros on startup
Fixed ask timeout problem
Modified Position command to be relative (default, legacy) or absolute
Fixed font setting for macro list
Improved GetFileList - added optional delimiter parameter
Prevented APP_TITLE failing when mathematical operator in title
Allow Group Folder Error dialog to be cancelled with Close (X) button
Added MSG_MULTI variable to set message boxes to be multi-instance
If Allow Multiple Instances is disabled macros run from command line are run in existing instance
Changes to regional date formats take immediate effect in logging

Version 7.3.01 01/11/2004

Added link to support forums in help menu
Fixed bug with unencrypted quicklaunch macros requesting password!
Fixed exception occuring when running macros from quicklaunch that belong to no group.

Version 7.3 28/10/2004

Added ELSE/ENDIF and modified IF statement to work without labels/subroutines and to allow nesting of IF blocks
Modified IfWindowOpen, IfDirExists, IfFileExists, IfFileChanged to work in same way to IF with ELSE/ENDIF and Nesting
IF commands backward compatible if labels/subroutine names included
Added optional complex expressions to If statement
Added optional complex expressions to Let statement
Added WaitClipBoard command to wait for clipboard ready
Improved GetClipBoard and PutClipBoard to avoid errors if clipboard not ready
Added GetControlText/GCT command to obtain text from given object
Added SetControlText/SCT command to set an object's text
Added SelectMenu/MNU command to select a standard menu item
Added option to warn of any lines with trailing non-visible chars when closing macro (on by default).
Added GetEnvVar and SetEnvVar for getting/setting environment variables
Added APP_TITLE var to set Application Title (COMPILED ONLY)
Added Select All option to edit menu in editor
Added MSG_XPOS and MSG_YPOS vars to allow positioning of Message box
Added MACRO_RESULT return var to Macro> command for returning values
Added GetWindowHandle command to return window handle of named window
All window functions now support window handles:
Added WIN_USEHANDLE variable switch to make window functions use/return window handles instead of window titles (0 = default text, 1 = handles)
Dialogs can now be non modal, with functions to determine which button pressed
(GetDialogAction, ResetDialogAction, CloseDialog functions added)
Improved playback speed option on macro recorder
Improved ExecuteFile to handle non physical file associations (such as URLs)
Updated FTP/HTTP components
Improvements to GetFileList code
Prevented Save As in editor defaulting to filename from last compile
Improved GetWindowText sometimes ommitting last character from window text
Assigned now checks variables passed as parameters
Fixed GetFileList returning erroneous result when no files match
Input can now timeout - added INPUT_TIMEOUT variable
Ask can now timeout - added ASK_TIMEOUT variable
Added popup option in editor to update a dialog block from clipboard if that dialog is on clipboard
Changes to HTTPRequest code and added ProxyUsername and ProxyPassword
Fixed access violation on encountering erroneous end sub
Added error messages if else/endif not found
Fixed list index out of bounds error on setting GAW_TYPE to 1 (child windows) and using GetActiveWindow when active window has no children. Now returns empty string.
Fixed missing password check on launching macros from QuickLaunch list

Version 7.2.050 04/03/2004

Added RetrievePOP3 command
Added ScreenCapture command
Fixed Separate command returning 1 when count should be 0
Fixed installation shortcut & file association options
Some internal improvement to FTP/HTTP functions

Version 7.2.043 19/11/2003

Fixed intermittent AVs when running compiled EXEs for good

Version 7.2.041 13/11/2003

Allow Escape to cancel Message/MessageModal boxes
Fixed issue with cancelling macro properties after saving from editor not cancelling changes
Fixed WLN_NOCRLF reset problem
Addressed potential AVs on running compiled EXEs

Version 7.2.040 24/09/2003

Fixed issue with SetCheckBox
Fixed -HIDE option when running application

Version 7.2.039 16/09/2003

Added MClick and MDblClick to Macro Recorder

Version 7.2.038 19/08/2003

Fixed problem with IfWindowOpen using last If statement's false condition if resolving false.
Added false condition to IfWindowOpen, IfFileExists, IfDirExists & IfFileChanged.
ItemIndex property of dialog list & combo boxes now remembered after Show.
Compiled macro code now encrypted.

Version 7.2.037 04/08/2003

Fixed Concat Issue
Fixed problems using subroutines with If commands
Added Logging Options
Added "Remove from Group" option
Added INPUT_PASSWORD option to password mask input box
Added ability to set ItemIndex property of List & Combo Boxes
Added MF_RENAME to MoveFile command to do a simple rename rather than full move

Version 7.2.036 08/05/2003

Fixed midnight schedule issue

Version 7.2.035 07/05/2003

Fixed monthly run date schedule to be independent of run days
Prevented Macro Scheduler main form grabbing focus on script completion

Version 7.2.034 26/04/2003

Fixed Dialog problems
Fixed index out of bounds error with window event schedule

Version 7.2.033 25/04/2003

Fixed Edit/Update/Delete/Import in Macro Properties not saving changes in some circumstance
Dialog Captions can now be variables
Fixed remembering dialog object variables between 'Show's
Fixed issue with ConCat and VAREXPLICIT=1
Addressed issues with close down procedures

Version 7.2.032 16/04/2003

Fixed SHIFT-ESC alternative resetting between sessions.
Fixed drag drop of multiple scripts to different path group not copying first physical file.
Modified macro importer to allow edit of source path to update list
Modified macro importer to remember last selected path
Fixed macro importer not refreshing list on second entry for same path
Modified macro import to allow import of macro files already in group's folder
Modified compiled scripts to accept -HIDE as well as /HIDE on command line

Version 7.2 April 2003

General/Interface Improvements:

XP style main menus and pop-up menus
Added QuickLaunch group (modified System Tray Run menu)
Added line numbers and sizeable margin to editor
Added View System Windows and Cursor Monitor options to editor menu
Added title to editor printout
When pasting data from a web page into editor trailing spaces are removed if every line has a trailing space
Added File/Open and Open toolbar button to Editor
Added 'Remove Trailing Spaces' option to Editor Edit menu.
When run in -EDITOR mode (from command line or Windows shell) a File/New and New toolbar option appears
Improved View System Windows tool:
- Find box
- Refresh button
- Copy, hide, show and close windows
Added Last Modified column to macro list
Added option in Tools/Options to allow Escape key to cancel macro properties
Added Check for Updates menu option
Added option to change SHIFT-ESC shortcut
Added Macro Importer - Imports to current group from another install/dir - See File Menu
Stopped hidden window appearing in Alt-Tab list
Fixed help context on group properties
Improved resource usage
Various subtle interface improvements

Script Improvements:

Improved FindWindowWithText command
Improved If commands to accept subroutine names as well/instead of label names
Added Dialog Designer and Custom Dialogs
Added GetWindowText command
Added ShutDownWindows command options
Added option to WriteLn to omit output of line breaks
Added Assigned command to determine existence of a variable
All script produced dialogs/messages forced to foreground
Fixed issues with VAREXPLICIT=1 and system variables
Added system variables:

Version 7.1.18 23/02/2003

Fixed memory leak with DDERequest
Fixed Repeat/Until prob when VAREXPLICIT=1
Fixed some documentation errors
Fixed toolbar help button error
Fixed Group pane min width problem
Fixed create desktop shortcut issue with renamed/moved macros not running until Macro Scheduler exited
Improved Macro> command:
- Looks in main directory when no path or extension provided
- If logging enabled for calling macro sub macro is logged to same file
Added /LOGFILE command line/Macro command parameter
Added MSCHED_VER variable
Improved context sensitive help

Version 7.1.17 17/02/2003

Added Release LWinKey / Release RWinKey
Improved Recorder to correctly record WinKey combinations
Added MSG_HEIGHT, MSG_WIDTH variables to set Message box size
Added optional width and height parms to GetActiveWindow
New help system (HTML Help + PDF Manual)

Version 7.1.16 10/02/2003

Improved startup minimized option.
Updated contact details.

Version 7.1.15 10/01/2003

Fixed -NOSYSTRAY command line option

Version 7.1.14 09/01/2003

Added Press/Release LShift, RShift, LCTRL, RCTRL, LALT, RALT to distinguish between left and right shift, ctrl and alt keys (Only supported in NT,Win2k,XP).
Fixed issue with passing parameters on command line to compiled scripts.
Fixed some verification issues with entering commands in the macro properties dialog.
Fixed issue with record button not being re-enabled if recording cancelled by non-recordable keystroke (e.g. CTRL-ALT-DEL)

Version 7.1.13 20/12/2002

Macro Recorder Improvements - option to record and remember window names and positions.
Macro Recorder dialog remembers chosen short cut stop key.
Added Show All Chars option to editor - to view invisible chars.
Added VAREXPLICIT option to enable explicit variable handling
(when VAREXPLICIT set to 1, variables only resolved if surrounded by %)
Fixed Press .. * n to accept variable for n.

Version 7.1.12 25/11/2002

Fixed regional settings problem with macro recorder (caused error if decimal separator not a period character).
Fixed problem with pre year 2000 file dates with IfFileChanged function.

Version 7.1.11 22/11/2002

Fixed problem with WaitKeyDown command.

Version 7.1.10 21/11/2002

Fixed problem with repeating schedules.
Fixed possible GPF when scheduling macros not belonging to a group.

Version 7.1.9 20/11/2002

Minor code changes to avoid annoyances with Window functions finding matches on strings in Script Editor

Version 7.1.8 19/2002

Fixed problem passing variables with Macro command.

Version 7.1.7 16/2002

Fixed occasional error when changing groups.
Updated documentation for Macro command change.

Version 7.1 11/2002

The Macro> command must now always be given a full filename rather than just an internal macro name, e.g.:

Improved Macro Recorder.
Modification to Input box to attempt to keep it on top.
Modification to Input box to wrap prompt if too long.
Compiler to create executables
Added WF_TYPE = 3 - child windows only.
Added GAW_TYPE for GetActiveWindow.
- 0, default - active window - as normal
- 1, active child window of active window
Added RP_WAIT to set Run Program to wait until launched program has terminated.
Added ability to specify HTTPURL on command line as script file (Run time)
Added IfDirExists function.
Added WaitWindowChanged function.
Added TEMP_DIR system variable.
Added * n to Press command to perform multiple operations.
Modified Message and MessageModal boxes to be sizeable with scroll bar.
Fixed some minor problems with the help system.
Fixed Start Minimized option.
Fixed problem with MessageModal not able to reactivate already open.

Version 7.0 09/2002

Modified LET to allow array type assignations.
Added Subroutine (SRT, GOSUB, END) functionality.
Added AppendFile command.
Added -EDITOR command line option: app starts with improved editor interface.
Added file association options to installation sequence.
Some interface enhancements.
Fixed DDERequest (return value not set 2nd time).
Fixed a problem with WaitRectChanged function.
Fixed some issues with running from the command line.
Fixed monthly schedule option.
Fixed window event scheduling issues.

Version 6.2.3 21/03/2002

Removed limit on number of variables per script.
Added VBS_TIMEOUT for VBScript code.
Improved resource usage issues.
Fixed missed repeating schedule issue.

Version 6.2.2 03/01/2002

Added WF_TYPE switch to switch off CHILD/INVISIBLE window search:
    Let>WF_TYPE=0 - No Child Windows
    Let>WF_TYPE=1 - ALL Windows (Default)
    Let>WF_TYPE=2 - Visible Windows Only
Modified Input Box function to ensure it always appears on top.
Addressed some general schedule issues.
Addressed some string to integer conversion issues.

Version 11/12/2001


Improved HTTPRequest to include error code and message.
Fixed problem with new child window support when a window command executed on startup.
Fixed estringlist out of bounds error with SetFocus occuring in rare circumstances.

Version 03/12/2001


Fixed GetWindowPos - problem if X coordinate already an assigned variable.
Fixed problems when sending Shift in conjunction with other extended keys (occurred on some Win2k Installations, but worked fine on other OSs)
Fixed wrong hotkey being displayed on editing macro if hotkey previously selected was system key and a function key larger than F9.
Improved status display for running macros.
More graceful/helpful when attempt to edit and close running macros (macros that cannot be saved).
Improved all Window Functions to identify child windows (Including MDI children)


Now possible to set focus to MDI Child windows.
Added Tools/View System Windows - option to display all system windows.
Added HTTPRequest command.
Added FTPDelFile command.
Added FTPRenameFile command.

Version 05/06/2001


Fixed problem with GetRectCheckSum value not remaining static.
Fixed problem caused by entering a window name containing a colon in the window event setting.


Added SMTP_PORT variable for optionally setting port for SMTPSendMail command

Version 14/05/2001


Fixed problem with SMTPSendMail sending attachments.
Removed spurious message that sometimes popped up on editing macro.

Version 24/04/2001


Fixed bug where macros in subfolders could get duplicated in main directory and not updated in certain circumstances when saving from the internal script editor.
Fixed problem introduced in 6.2 stopping macros being executed from system tray menu.
Fixed problem where wrong macro could be executed from the system tray menu.
Fixed problem with hot key assignation - wrong hot key showing and potential integer error.
Fixed spelling mistake on Options dialog.
Fixed spelling mistakes in help file.

Version 6.2 18/04/2001


Fixed accessibility problems - menus now support screen readers for blind/partially sighted.
Fixed bottom of tray menu disappearing off screen.
Fixed error if startup macros not in main directory.

New Features:

Additional hotkey combinations.
Added SMTP login authentication support to SMTPSendMail command.
Added FTP passive mode option.
Added FTPGetDirList command to retrieve directory listing.
Added ability to retrieve result of FTP operations.
Scroll position in macro list maintained after editing macro.
Added option to disallow multiple instances.


Removed old style buttons and associated options.
Changed encryption for encrypted macros.

Version 28/11/2000

Fixes :

Fixed problem with Macro Scheduler sometimes preventing system close down
Fixed exception occuring when using an embedded undeclared variable
Fixed 'Allow Macro Scheduler to exit if a macro is running' option
Added commands missing from 'Script Commands' section of help file

Version 26/09/2000

Fixes :

Fixed SMTPSendMail problem with attachments
Fixed exception issues with pixel color and rect routines

Version 6.1 19/09/2000

New Commands :


New Features :

Added numpad keys to hotkey selection

Fixes/Improvements :

Rebuilt SMTPSendMail function
Added support for wildcard attachments in SMTPSendMail
Removed unnecessary polling of macros.dat
Modified variables to allow embedding variables in variables (to make array type variables)
Fixed external editor problem when opening macros in directories other than default directory
Fixed problem with tray menu not showing on first show
Stopped menu items being draggable
Reviewed and updated FTP component
Fixed problem with Press/Release ALTGR
Tested successfully under Windows 2000 and Windows ME.

Version - 23/08/2000


Fixed invalid Desktop Shortcuts being created in Windows 2000
Fixed problem with /NOSYSTRAY option when used in conjunction with a command line macro
Fixed help file entry for SMTPSendMail

Version 6.0 - 31/01/2000

New Commands :

GetCheckBox command.
SetCheckBox Command.

New Features :

Macro Groups
Graphical Menu Bars
Variable playback speed for recorded macros

Fixes/Improvements :

Macro Multi-select
Added default to OK button on password form.
Fixed checking/unchecking of sort menu options.
Added graphical system tray pop up menu.
Stopped recorded macros showing events caused by stopping record.
Fixed convert recorded macro to change icon to script in list when converted.
Fixed access violation occuring when pressing old style edit button when no macro selected.
Stopped delete macro menu option being enabled when no macro highlighted.
Added missing commands to macro properties macro list drop down.
Added CTRL-S keyboard shortcut to Save option in editor.
Fixed problems with sorting from menu options.
Macro Scheduler now remembers which column was sorted and in
  which direction, and shows sort on startup.
Fixed access violation when attempting to edit script when no script
  is selected.  Disabled edit script buttons while no script selected.
Fixed right click Macro Group menu showing only for selected group.
Removed duplicate IfWindowOpen from Command Locator.
Modified macro record to hide Macro Scheduler window just prior to recording starting.
Fixed problem with macro playback not resetting stop and play buttons and menu options.
Changed method by which repeating macro's schedules are changed on startup. 
  Instead of scheduling interval mins from now, advance schedule from original
  start time by interval until schedule time greater than now ... therefore steps in accordance with interval.
Fixed keyboard shortcuts that didn't work in editor.
Fixed repositioning of toolbar buttons when resizing from large to small buttons.
Fixed replacement of small buttons when changing from large button view.
Fixed problems passing variables to other macros.
Fixed crash that occurs on some systems when showing pixel color in cursor position monitor.
Fixed problem with timer stopping after manually running encrypted macro.
Added option to force RegistryWriteKey to write integer values as strings.
RegistryReadKey now reads binary data values.
Fixed problem with Input stopping subsequent Ask and Message in command line scripts.
Added support for national decimal placeholder (regional settings) in numeric functions.
Fixed date error that occured with some system date configurations when scheduling repeat/stop and reset macros.
Macro list view now updates when a schedule time is reset by repeat/stop and reset macros.
Fixed problem with FileDate reassigning values to existing variables.

Version 5.1 - 20/08/99

New Commands:


Modified/Improved Commands:

If - extra parm, and not equal operator
Send Character/Text - SK_DELAY for slowing send text down
FTP commands - switch off/on status window
All mouse click commands - handles reversed mouse buttons
Random - RND_SEED to allow setting seed
CopyFile - CF_OVERWRITE parameter
Fixed FileSize command
Fixed FileCount with no path problem.
Fixed WaitPixelChange timeout variable problem.

General Fixes/Improvements:

Focus edit area when editor opened
Restore editor when opening editor if minimised
Fixed problem with translated macros failing to repeat
Fixed invalid integer error if repeat interval empty
Added message if no log file associated when view log file selected
Fixed sorting issues (order and header graphic) when using menu options
New send text engine . supports all characters
Improved sending of variables between macros and on command line
- parameters containing '/' chars not split up.
Fixed 'index out of bounds' error associated with window event schedule option
Record dialog tab order

Version 5.04 - 10/03/99

Fixes :

Fixed Find/Replace dialog so as not to be resizeable.
FTP exception when running from command line fixed
Fixed problem with Change Directory if dir does not exist.
Fixed editor save/dirty flag
Fixed syntax highlighting problems
Fixed missing chevrons on some commands with drop down inserter
Fixed problem with assigning values to existing variables.

Version 5.03 - 02/03/99

Fixes :

Fixed singled % problem in command strings
Close down problem with 'allow exit when macro running' option fixed.
Fixed MouseOver context sensitive help
Save from editor updates macro immediately so that changes take effect even while editor open.
Fixed problem with Edit button on macro properties dialog

Additions/Changes :

WaitPixelColor command
TimeStamp command
Random command
Added milliseconds to logging times
Command line option to turn system tray support off
Improved SetFocus code for use with Win98
Improved script command context sensitive help handling
Added command help to Command Locator
Improved editor
Added external editor option.

Version 5.02 - 19/11/98

Fixes :

Fixed problem with 'Allow exit if macro running' option and scheduled macro.
Fixed Edit Line/Update Problem.
Fixed ReadLn link in Help File.

Additions/Changes :

If editor or builder behind main form, it will now be focused if edit script / or macro properties selected.

Version 5.0 - 22/10/98

Fixes :

Windows shutdown problem fixed.
System tray menu sticking fixed.
Fixed Context Sensitive Help for Add command.
Fixed help file for FTP command examples.
Fixed SetFocus command for Win98.
Fixed Problem with FTP commands not working after a failure.

Additions/Changes :

Modified interface
More info on main form
Improved editor
Command Locator / Favorites list.
System Tray Macro Menu
Startup Options
Window Event in Advanced Scheduling
Window Mode & Result Codes for Run Program command
Message boxes can be set for stay on top, stay centered
Input box with file browser and default value.
Script commands no longer case sensitive
Script commands can be left indented (i.e. leading spaces no longer a problem).
Press NP Enter command
Global hotkey SHIFT-ESC stops macros running.
Alt keys and Tab indexing improved on macro form.
Remembers if command list sorted.
Let command now does addition,subtraction,multiplication,division and concatination.
Goto command now accepts variables.
CapsOn command abbreviation is now CAP.
FTP Status Window.
New Commands :


New System Variables :


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