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Is maintaining your web site too time consuming?

Want to know How to Build & Maintain a Web Site Like this one?

Then I think I may have some answers to this problem for you! Why are different tools mentioned here? Well, when building anything some times you need a hammer, sometimes a saw, and sometimes... you just a carpenter to do the work for you.

First Solution:

"Why build just a Web site when you can build a Web BUSINESS?SiteBuildIt is the complete building package with full instructions - no carpenter needed.
Click here to view the '7 Reasons Why You Need XSitePro Now!' video
If you don't want to "get your hands dirty" with the technical side of building and maintaining a web site, but do want some control over how it looks, you do want to be able to update it quickly and easily from anywhere in the world, and you do want the search engines to find you...  Then there really is only one solution that is the perfect fit for you and that is SiteBuildIt. Check out the SiteBuildIt site now, have a good look around at what it offers and I'm certain you'll be convinced by both the value it provides, and the benefits it can bring to your online endeavours.

Many stay at home Mum's and Dad's are now starting to use SiteBuildIt to start their own independant income streams based on things that they know and love. You'd be amazed at what you think everyone knows, but that you can organise in such a way as others will pay you for sharing your unique take on it. For example, check out how other work from home parents are doing just that!

Heck if you have any questions at all about whether SiteBuildIt is right for you, just pop on over their help forum and ask about anything you that you need to know before signing up on the path to an ongoing successful web business.

Seriously folks, if you're just starting out online, or have been struggling to make a go of things, SiteBuildIt is THE FIRST PLACE you should be looking... Please do yourself a favour, and check it out here

And yes, through our NiftyWebDesign arm we can help you get started with a SiteBuildIt site as well - if you need that initial leg up, or even if you'd like us to handle everything for you.

Second Solution:

Although this site has been put together by our web design arm NiftyWebDesign it uses a special web site building tool called CityDesk that makes updating the site whenever we want so simple that it's hard to stop doing it!

Most of our sites are now built with the CityDesk content managment system. CityDesk enables you to design your site layout once - or have NiftyWebDesign design your web site for you, put it into a template and then the rest of the process is easy!

How easy? As easy as starting WordPad, typing your words in the word processor, and clicking save. That's it, no more difficult than that!

For more details on how to put CityDesk to work for you jump on over to the CityDesk site here .If you want a CityDesk Web Site design done, then please contact us and through NiftyWebDesign we'll get your web site online as quickly as possible.

Third Solution:

XSitePro is the other web site content development and publishing tool we use for when we have a lot of information/pages we want to publish quickly, easily and in the same format. It even allow you to automatically split content over multiple pages and much much more! Don't just take my word for it, check out the user feedback, and the video on the 7 reasons why you need XSite Pro Now!

Lastly, "build it" and they will come... NOT!

Once you sort out the physcial building of your site you need to start thinking about how to get people visiting, and more importantly, buying from your site. One place where you can get Internet marketing expertise, strategies and resources  and Little Known Tools/Resources any website owner needs to make money online is www.anownsite.com.

For more website promotion tips and resources, plus learn about website content development and management you may also like to check out Website Content Development& SEO at http://www.rankbydesign.com/.

Special Last Note:

If you need a more guided kind of approach, and indepth tutorials, videos, and a very helpful user forum, don't forget the excellent SiteBuildIt suite, it really is the A-to-Z of getting started and creating a successful online business with all the hand-holding and help anyone could ever possibly need online.

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